Family celebration during Marian University's 2017 Commencement Ceremony.

Undergraduate, Graduate, and MU-COM Catalogs

Beginning with the 2019-20 academic year, the Marian University undergraduate and graduate catalog has been divided into two sub-catalogs:

  • The university catalog of courses and section offerings provide  live, real-time course descriptions and sections offerings for all courses, in all programs.
  • The catalog of courses and descriptions, by academic year, capture a static version of the courses and descriptions that are active as the point the catalog is posted prior the start of each academic year.
  • The catalog of programs contains important information about the university's academic policies, graduation requirements, general information on and requirements for our degree programs, student services, financial aid and scholarships, campus buildings, campus history, strategic goals, and accreditation. This catalog is provided separately for undergraduate and graduate programs.

All Marian students are expected to adhere to policies and program requirements for the catalog year in which they first enroll.



Archived catalogs from previous years are also posted here.

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