Marian University Sacred Choir

Why participate in our sacred choir?

The Marian University Sacred Choir singers are a a dynamic group of students who want to participate in and build a top-quality choral ensemble while also pursuing a degree, whether in music or another discipline. Members have a range of vocal experiences—from never having been in a choir to signing in church choirs throughout the United States.

The Sacred Choir features gospel music that moves, with styles ranging from all different genres. It is a unique college ensemble where future music educators can learn the craft of gospel singing. Sacred Choir students have the opportunity to work with nationally renowned gospel arrangers. The Marian University Sacred Choir believes in sharing their gift of music in hopes of making the world a better place.

Members of the choir become close and form lifelong relationships. It is is an accepting and caring group of students who are genuinely interested in each other's lives.

Pursue your passion to perform, regardless of whether you are a music major. Have fun, learn new music and increase your vocal skill, spend time together socially, and share your vocal talents with others.

How do you become a member?

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