English Composition Lab and Writing Tutorials

The Marian University Writing Center offers individualized, student directed credit-bearing courses. There are two types of courses available through the Writing Center:

  1. ENG L01 English Composition Lab
  2. Writing Tutorial (listed as sections ENG L12 / L10 / L20 / L30 / L40 in the course catalog)

The English Composition Lab is a one-credit course generally taken in tandem with ENG 101. Writing Tutorials are one- to three-credit courses (as determined by the student) available to all students who desire more experience in writing within specific disciplines and genres.

Students enrolled in the English Composition Lab and Writing Tutorial meet once a week, individually, with a lab instructor. Weekly meeting times are selected by the student, and the sessions are intended to be collaborative, relaxed, and engaging.

To register for an English Composition Lab or Writing Tutorial, please speak to your advisor or see the Writing Center faculty and staff.

Multilingual options

We offer the English Composition Lab and Writing Tutorials in multilingual options. Students who elect the multilingual option will work one-on-one with a TESOL or language minority student lab instructor. To select an multilingual lab or tutorial, register for either the English Composition Lab or Writing Tutorial. After registering, contact Aaron Wilder or Alissa Adams to request the multilingual option.

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